Chris Walter grew up in Surrey, just south of London. While still attending school, Chris went to a Little Richard concert and took his first pictures. A fellow concertgoer asked him for a photo. The idea of taking music pictures was set. Most photographers shooting pop music at that time worked for newspapers but in 1963 Chris joined the pioneering handful who shot Rock And Roll professionally and specialized only in music and entertainment.

It was the beginning of the greatest music era and shooting all the new, established and visiting acts available in the UK in the 1960's and 1970's gave Chris a huge variety of archival material, shooting all over the UK and regularly visiting Paris or Amsterdam and other European cities to shoot with British acts visiting there.

If possible Chris's way of shooting was always to use available light. "I loved taking available light photos. Direct flash even then never seemed real. If flash could not be avoided then I'd always try bounce, off a wall or ceiling, to still make it feel real."

On moving to California in 1977 he continued shooting all kinds of music material for a variety of UK, European and Japanese publications. In the eighties when Metal became huge business his UK colleagues persuaded him to use Photofeatures to represent them in the US and the business became the biggest supplier to US publications in that genre, and also to European publications from US photographers.

Chris continues to be one of the most published music photographers world wide, with many album covers, magazines, newspapers, books, documentaries, television and motion pictures utilizing his classic music material. This includes recent Rod Stewart, Jimi Hendrix, Doors, Donovan and Who CD/DVD covers and books with Jimmy Page / Led Zeppelin, Bee Gees, Keith Moon, John Lennon and more.

Chris celebrated 50 years of Rock 'N' Roll in 2013.