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Taking Aim - Unforgettable Rock 'N" Roll Photographs Selected by Graham Nash
Seattle, February 5th and 6th 2010

Taking Aim - San Diego

All the photographers at opening night.

l-r EMP CEO Tina Orr-Cahall, Jasen Emmons- Curator of EMP, Chris Walter, Alice Wheeler, Jini Dellacio, Graham Nash, Neal Preston, Alan Messer, Jim Marshall, Henry Diltz, Joel Bernstein and Charles Peterson.

The full panel discussion with all of us. Everone had their part, this is the segment concerning my Bruce Springsteen photo, l-r here is Jim Marshall, Joel Bernstein, Graham Nash, Alan Messer, Chris Walter and Alice Wheeler.

Graham Nash with Buddy Holly's guitar on which he played two songs at his discussion the first night.Graham's first band was the Hollies named after Buddy.


With my Bruce photo at the exhibit.

With Henry, Graham, Neal , Jim and Joel in the Green room. 


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The Bruce Springsteen Limited Edition Print